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Crack the Code to Business Ownership


Start with Mission: Fast & Focused

Your Mission is simple. Stop hiding behind Employee tasks that give you a false sense of productivity and start living life as the kick-ass, revenue-producing Business Owner you dreamed you would be.

MISSION: Fast & Focused

Dive right in with Mission: Fast & Focused.  After Module 1, you’ll understand exactly how much money you’re leaving on the table by working on the wrong things. In Module 2, we introduce the  “Mission Blueprint,” a planner that  works seamlessly with what you’re learning and tracks your daily, weekly and monthly progress.  In Module 3, you’ll classify your responsibilities with an easy process that helps you uncover dozens of opportunities.


Participate in the “Fish Tank Avatar” Workshop

If you’re marketing is failing, it’s not because you don’t have a graphic designer or any idea how to create a Google ad.  It’s because  you don’t know your customer as well as you think you do. 

To remedy this, we’ve created a 1-Day virtual workshop to help business  owners discover the 5 things they really need to understand about their customer to make ALL their marketing work better.

The Fish Tank Avatar leverages what you already know about your customer with data that’s curated in a very specific way to give you those five things.

Once you know these 5 things, your marketing will become the most VALUABLE tool in your business.


Join the secrtSOS Marketing Academy

It’s plain and simple. Your business cannot exist unless you know how to get your products or services in front of the right people at the right time.

Marketing Academy

Our Marketing Academy serves up marketing lessons in bite-size pieces so you’re not overwhelmed. Each module focuses on one specific marketing topic, and each lesson gives you a focused action to take to help you master it in less than one hour per week. We help you focus on the right things for your business without getting caught up in chasing the latest “shiny marketing object.”


Level Up to Special Agent

Once you have completed Mission: Fast and Focused, our Handlers may invite you  to level up to Special Agent. (We’ll be watching behind the scenes to make sure you’re successful!)
Special Agents come on board for a one-year period and have access to all of our core Missions and Special Ops (deep dives on specific business topics).

More importantly, we hold our Special Agents to a new level of accountability. Each week you will participate in an online meeting with one of our trained Operatives (business coaches) who will challenge you to think more deeply about yourself and your business. These masterminds will also include a group of like-minded business owners who want to break through and grow by leaps and bounds.

SecrtSOS Business Intelligence Agency

Finally earn the Sanity, Wealth And Gratitude that you deserve.



Time Management



& more coming soon!


Grow in Multiple Ways

Dive deeper with Special Ops.

Join as an elite member of secrtSOS by becoming an Asset, Ambassador or Operative. The opportunities can truly impact your bottom line.

Coming Soon! Special Ops

Grab a Special Ops membership and get access to a full library of how-to’s and resources for growth-minded business owners.


Spread the word. Become an Ambassador and earn commission on every person who joins secrtSOS because of you.


Lend your expertise to Agents in the secrtSOS community. Become an Asset or Certified Asset and earn their trust and their business.


Join our team as an Operative and run your own online Mastermind group for Special Agents.