SecrtSOS is committed to bring as many opportunities as possible to our members. Learn how you can partner with us to add a second (or third) revenue stream to your income.


SecrtSOS Asset

SecrtSOS Recruits and Special Agents are taught and encouraged to properly evaluate vendors before engaging in services or purchasing products. “Assets” are those vendors that understand and welcome the evaluation process and are eager to work with SecrtSOS Agents. They can be found on the APO (Authorized Personnel Only) Directory on our website.  Listings are $25/month with a 12-month minimum commitment.

SecrtSOS Certified Asset

An Asset may earn “Certified” status by going through a formal evaluation process by secrtSOS, including an application, interview and customer performance review. When the status is earned, Certified Assets will gain the secrtSOS Seal and an enhanced listing on the website. Certified Assets can promote their expertise to our Members by sharing articles twice per year on our website and can write one promotional email blast. They may also have the opportunity to be featured on the secrtSOS podcast as an industry expert.

SecrtSOS Ambassador

Help others discover the power of the secrtSOS Missions and be rewarded for your generosity. When you become an official secrtSOS Ambassador you will receive a unique link to recruit business owners into the secrtSOS Agency and will earn 10-50% commission depending on the programs they purchase. It’s a win-win!

SecrtSOS Operative

Special Agents may promote to secrtSOS Operatives after completing two secrtSOS Missions, actively participating in their assigned masterminds for six months and successfully completing Operative Training (held at specific times during the year). Operatives are then assigned their own online mastermind to facilitate. You will earn 20% monthly recurring commission for each agent you mentor during the mastermind sessions. Plus you are still eligible for the secrtSOS Ambassador referral payments!