When you become a Business Owner, there are two possibilities.

You can create

Which will you choose?

Your title is Business Owner

Did you also expect to earn the title of Marketing Director, Sales Manager, HR Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Operations Director, Payroll Specialist and Compliance Officer?

It can be overwhelming.

You may even begin to wonder if all the sacrifice is worth it, if you can keep motivating yourself to move forward or if the burden of keeping your doors open has become too much.

Have you really built the life of your dreams or have you traded in one treadmill for another one that goes even faster?

Your goal was to escape your 9 to 5 job, not take on more.

Now it’s time to shed the daily tasks that keep you busy (but don’t guarantee profits), earn the title of Entrepreneur and start living the lifestyle of your dreams.

On a Mission for Growth

SecrtSOS is the Business Intelligence Agency for emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs. We’re your secret weapon against financial failure, embarrassment, burnout, and emotional exhaustion. Learn how to run a successful business, unleash your talents and creativity and rake in the profits without sacrificing your time, health or the relationships that mean the most to you.

One Step at a Time

If you own a business, three things are true…

  • You’re bored by the status quo,
  • You’re up for a challenge,
  • And you’re willing to work hard to get what you want.

The last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer for hours learning about something that won’t impact your bottom line.

That’s why we’ve created an innovative program that cracks the code on business ownership and propels you to take action. As you complete each Mission, you will move from the stagnant cycle of focusing on daily operations and tasks that keep the doors open to activities that will help you grow your business, expand your offerings, and transcend from the employee mindset to true owner and entrepreneur.

Just like all trained Agents, you’ll follow a specific protocol to accomplish your Mission. The 5-Step SECRT Method gets you through the Mission without stumbling, losing focus or procrastinating.

We hold you 100% accountable. We take our Missions seriously and we protect our “Recruits” from the enemies of Distraction, Overwhelm and Inaction.


The Secrt Sauce

When you follow the online Mission design, you’ll gain invaluable skills and rapidly put them into practice so your profits will explode. Choose the Missions that will help you solve your most urgent business problems, or follow our recommended Mission map.

The Missions stack skill upon skill and action upon action so you can scale your business (and your profits) quickly.


Each Mission Sector begins with an exercise that will help you explore your beliefs, preconceptions and knowledge about that Sector topic. This important step helps you approach the Sector with an open mind so that you can truly explore the content that is presented. You will be surprised to learn how your beliefs and preconceptions prevent you from evaluating opportunities and taking action.


In this step, you’ll discover threats or traps that many small business owners fall into and the consequences of becoming victim to them.  These include false assumptions and perceived “best practices” that actually work against you. This step helps you  avoid the pitfalls that sabotage your success.


This is where you really begin to make progress. In this step you’ll be briefed on the tactics and strategies you need to complete your Mission Sector.


Now you’ll receive specific instructions and the documents, blueprints or cheat sheets you need to implement the intel learned throughout the Sector.


Put your new skills into practice and trigger your SWAG (Sanity, Wealth And Gratitude). As you complete each Mission, your skills will stack and your experience will grow from being an employee in your business to an entrepreneur with multiple revenue streams.